Course Descriptions

GEOG 582: GIS Data Management

Instructors: Tim Nyerges and John Ritzman

Credits: 5

This course exposes students to geospatial database management principles and software, particularly solutions provided in ArcGIS, in the context of watershed sustainability management. 

GEOG 560: Principles of GIS Mapping

Instructors: Christy Heaton and Jennifer Rashan

Credits: 5

This course teaches students GIS mapping concepts and how to use software tools to manipulate geospatial databases and depict the data in the form of 2-D, 3-D and 4-D sustainable system maps.

GEOG 565: GIS Programming

Instructors: Christy Heaton and Jennifer Rashan

Credits: 5

Students gain hands-on experience with the Python programming language, which is used in GIS data management, analysis and display, and to extend ArcGIS for analyzing sustainable system relationships.

GEOG 517: Geospatial Data Analysis

Instructors: Suzanne Davies Withers and TBD

Credits: 5

Students learn traditional GIS operations, such as overlay and buffer, as well as geostatistical analyses of diverse data sets, to assess social, demographic and ecological landscape dynamics and spatial clustering within urban-regional sustainability management settings.

GEOG 562: Coastal GIS

Instructors: Jason Karr and Mike Strong

Credits: 5

This course provides students with experience using open-source software to explore ecosystem services evaluation within coastal watershed application domains, focusing on spatial-temporal relationships among humans, land and water.

GEOG 564: GIS & Decision Support

Instructor: Kory Kramer and John Ritzman

Credits: 5

This course gives students experience in GIS methods applied to several pervasive decision support contexts involving urban-regional sustainability management settings, including three interrelated topics – land, transportation and water resources – and three pervasive decision situations – planning, improvement programming and project implementation.

GEOG 568: International Case Studies of GIS for Sustainability Management

Instructor: TBD

Credits: 5

This course provides an overview of international, national and regional perspectives that are used as a lens to understand how different organizations view sustainability management. Students explore case studies that provide insight into the practice of using GIS for sustainable development decision problems facing organizations around the world.

GEOG 569: GIS Workshop

Instructors: Tim Nyerges and John Ritzman

Credits: 5

In this capstone course, student teams develop and use GIS databases for geospatial data analysis and display to meet sustainability management project needs of community-university partners. The course is designed as an intensive, hands-on workshop experience where teams collaborate with Puget Sound-area partners to effect sustainable solutions.